Looking back, reaching forward

OBP Trailworks, LLC has an approach to trail building and education that synthesizes tradition with innovation. We look back at historical stone and timber structures such as those done by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) as inspiring examples of what can be accomplished with native materials, hand tools, and diligently practiced skill. On the other side of the spectrum, cable loggers, arborists, construction specialists, rock climbers, and farmers serve as modern influences to the trail builder and backcountry rigger. Advancements in rope technology, the creative use of hand powered winches in rigging systems and specialized agricultural and excavation equipment are some of the more modern tools we embrace. By combining time honored stone and timber craft with environmentally sensitive new innovations, we promote trails and structures that are aesthetically pleasing and naturalistic while protecting the landscape and resources we help provide access to.