About OBP Trailworks, LLC

OBP Trailworks, LLC embraces many aspects of trail design, maintenance, and construction, with a focus on education and training.


We excel at technical backcountry projects where the transportation of building materials is logistically challenging. Specialized custom rigging systems comprised of hand powered hoists, blocks, wire and fiber rope are often employed to move loads such as stones or timbers with little physical impact to the earth. When projects are conducive to using heavier equipment, OBP utilizes tracked equipment with low ground pressure to excavate soil and transport materials.


Although technical stone smithing and tight fitting rustic timber joinery are signatures of OBP's work, the attention to detail is upheld from the start to the finish of a project. We pride ourselves in minimizing our impacts and covering our tracks so that when we step off a job, the work appears as if it has been there for years. The process of restoration, rehabilitation, and naturalization is as important as the work itself.


Training and education is a large element of OBP's scope of work. Jed travels around the country each spring to train youth corps, volunteer, non-profit, private, municipal, and federal trail crews. From sessions on basic erosion control to advanced rigging techniques, each workshop is tailored to the needs of the group and the individual participants.


OBP is based in Maine and while most of our contracted trail building jobs are in the New England region,  Jed has traveled as far west as California, south to Patagonia, and north to Alaska to teach workshops and oversee projects.