About OBP: Looking back, reaching forward

OBP stands for “Off the Beaten Path” which has both literal and philosophical connotations. Our approach to trail design, building, and education is one that blends traditional construction techniques with evolving technological trends. We look back at historical stone and timer structures such as those done by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) as inspiring examples of what can be accomplished with native materials, hand tools, and diligently practiced skill. On the other side of the spectrum, advancements in rope technology, the use of drones and user impact analysis and specialized agricultural and excavation equipment are some of the more modern tools that we embrace. By melding time honored stone and timber craft with environmentally sensitive equipment and methods, we promote safe and sustainable trails that are naturalistic and aesthetically pleasing while protecting the landscape and resources that we help provide access to.


Since 2004, OBP has successfully completed well over 150 contracts for federal, private, municipal, and non-profit organizations. Read a bit more about Jed and the business by clicking the link below.

Clients and Partners

OBP relishes the relationship between every client and project partner, subcontractor, and specialized vendor. Click the link below to gain a comprehensive view of who we have worked with over the years.

Reflections on Trails

Living in the woods can make one wax philosophic at times. Articles that Jed has written for various publications can be found at the link below.